Aluminium Rainwater Guttering Products

Quality Aluminium Guttering Systems In Authentic Period Styles

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Embellished Hopper

Embellished Hopper

Over the last 2 decades aluminium rainwater systems have taken over from cast iron and certainly upvc as the architect and designers choice. Whether it be a new supermarket, office building, newly designed house or a period style property, aluminium has been leading the way for a great many number of reasons, none more so than the following:

  • These products are virtually maintenance free
  • Available in all colours from the RAL & BS4800 colour charts
  • Easy to fit and extremely durable
  • Can be fully recycled

The Various Aluminium Guttering Products Available

Aluminium gutters can be split up into the following categories:

  1. Cast Aluminium (authentic styles for period properties)
  2. Seamless Aluminium (roll formed on site to continuous lengths, without joints)
  3. Pressed Aluminium (commonly used for box gutters)
  4. Extruded Aluminium (modern styled smooth and sleek lines for contemporary properties)

Aluminium rainwater downpipes can be split into the following categories:

  1. Cast Collar Rainwater Pipes (looks best with cast aluminium gutters)
  2. Swaged Collar Rainwater Pipes (looks best with the seamless, pressed aluminium and extruded systems)

Aluminium Hopper Heads can be split up into the following categories:

  1. Ornamental Cast Aluminium (traditional styles for most period properties)
  2. Pressed Aluminium (any size available but generally box shaped)

General overview of Aluminium as a natural material

Over the last 100 years, aluminium which was once a rarely used metal has advanced to become the second most used metal worldwide. The characteristics and properties which have brought about this dramatic increase in the use of aluminium are due to its light weight, high strength, resistance to weathering, its ability to be treated in a variety of finishes and finally, its recyclability.

Aluminium is used in building and construction to cover a wide spectrum of different applications including roofing, windows, cladding, doors, canopies, architectural hardware and of course, rainwater guttering and downpipes. In the UK, over 150,000 tonnes of aluminium are used by the building and construction industry each year. It is essential that the materials used in construction possess high strength and great durability. For example, aluminium sheet, plate and extrusions are widely used in the construction of offshore rigs and equipment, such hostile environments demand high performing materials.

Corrosion Resistance: The natural oxidation of uncoated aluminium creates a permanent protective layer preventing further atmospheric attack. It is also more resistant to damage than alternative materials.

Surface Finish: The majority of products are supplied with a decorative finish. Aluminium Guttering Products use architectural grade polyester powder coatings. A wide range of colours are available in the RAL colour range which are durable, colourfast and widely used in construction applications.

Maintenance Free: Cleaning with a mild detergent is all that powder coated aluminium surfaces require. This low level of maintenance offers significant cost savings over many other materials i.e. cast iron, that requires regular re-painting, normally every five years.

Life Time Cycle: The life expectancy of Aluminium Gutter products is in excess of 40 years.

Polyester powder coating

Aluminium Gutter products can be supplied in either a mill (uncoated) finish or with a polyester powder coating in a specified colour. The main characteristic of architectural grade polyester powder coatings is the good colour and gloss retention in outdoor exposure. Polyester powders have excellent covering power, flow properties and wear resistance. Even in it’s unpainted form, aluminium protects itself from corrosion by creating a natural dull grey oxide layer inhibiting further corrosion. It can therefore be installed unpainted. Electrostatic polyester powder coating is a continuous, stringently controlled painting process where the product is pre-treated with etching primer prior to powder paint application. This process ensures that the paint adhesion is exemplary and that the paint thickness is uniform.