About Us

Aluminiumgutter.co.uk was initially set up to offer basic overview information in the field of aluminium rainwater systems so that you, the customer, can make informed decisions based on the information available in this particular area of building refurbishment.

Offering information is one thing, but unless there is also a direct route to obtaining the necessary prices and/or buying the products online, the system is kind of ineffective.

For this reason, we have partnered with Angel Plastics whom we consider well grounded in this field of operation and who have been conducting successful online trading for many years now.

In addition, the products and services associated with Angel Plastics have over the years featured in various TV programmes, Haynes manuals and other publications.

We are continually striving to ensure accuracy in our information and should anyone have any views,negative or positive in respect of any information given we would be pleased to hear your views via our blog or indeed you can email direct to our editor at steve@angelplastics.co.uk