Square And Rectangular Aluminium Rainwater Pipes

Square & rectangular aluminium pipes are not quite as common as their round counterparts but come into their own on period style properties, churches and other grand designed properties.

Square Rainwater PipesThe main sizes available in round style are as follows:

  1. 76mm x 76mm (3”x3”)
  2. 101mm x 101mm (4”x4”)
  3. 101mm x 76mm (4”x3”)

Pipes are available in lengths of up to 3 metres.

As with all aluminium products this range of square and rectangular style pipe is available in the RAL range of colours compliment and match the choice of guttering system

But how are they fixed?

The 3 powder coated red pipes shown in the above picture have a cast collar with fixing lugs. These have been specially welded on to provide a built in fixing system very similar to the old cast iron downpipes. You fix one pipe directly to the wall and then drop the other one in the top which locks into place. You can work from the ground upwards or vice versa. A little amount of Arbosil 1096 sealant is recommended to seal the joint.

Square ShoeThe other type of aluminum pipe available is the swaged system. With slightly less production cost the collar is produced by increasing the diameter of the milled aluminium rainwater pipe using a swaging machine so that one pipe fits into another. So if you look at the pipe fitting on the right you will see that the top of this fittinghas been opened out just enough to allow the next pipe to drop inside. Obviously, swaged collars do not have any fixing lugs which means that individual brackets are required for fixing very much like the way upvc pipes are fitted.

These individual pipe clips are available in either ‘flush fit’ or ‘stand off’ as you can see from the picture below.

Pipe Clips for square and rectangular aluminium rainwater pipes.

General information

All the above products are manufactured at our own aluminium fabrication unit which means that we are always up to date with stock and able to manufacture new, sometimes odd, bespoke sections for unusual projects.

Our main distributor, Angel Plastics, carry an extensive range of aluminium rainwater products in stock in mill finish. Upon receipt of order we will powder coat the products to the customers choice of colour in the RAL range of colours.

Turn around time is generally within 5 days.