Cast Aluminium Guttering

The Real Alternative To Cast Iron Guttering

Cast Aluminum Gutter Fixed Together

Cast Aluminum Gutter Fixed Together

Cast aluminium rainwater guttering have become the widely accepted alternative to cast iron due to the lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing characteristics that provide exact profile copies of their cast iron counterparts. You will struggle to tell the difference. Cast aluminium gutters are produced from pouring molten aluminium into sand mouldings which in turn give the unique textured feel of a cast iron gutter.

Main advantages over cast iron are:

  1. Lighter in weight
  2. Virtually maintenance free
  3. Will not rust like cast iron
  4. Can be powder coated any colour
  5. Will not require repainting every 4-5 years

The cast aluminium system really fits together beautifully due to the socket/spigot connections. Exactly the same as the cast iron way of fitting, one length simply interlocks into the next length due to the socket/spigot connections. Arbosil 1096 should be used to bed the joint and then the nut, bolt and washer is used to tighten. Bolt heads can be powder coated to match the gutter.

All cast aluminium gutters come in 6” lengths (1830mm) and all lengths come with a built in socket that will accept the open end of the next length, commonly called the ‘spigot’.

Profiles Available

  1. Standard Half Round
  2. Victorian Ogee
  3. No 46 Moulded Ogee
  4. Beaded Half Round
  5. Beaded Deepflow

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