Standard Half Round Aluminium Gutter System

The Real Alternative To Cast Iron

Standard Half Round GutterThe standard half round cast aluminium gutter system comes in 4 differing sizes:

  • 100mm wide x 47mm deep
  • 112mm wide x 52mm deep
  • 125mm wide x 56mm deep
  • 150mm wide x 63mm deep

Naturally our range of cast aluminium halfround gutters come with all necessary fittings including corners, outlets, stop ends and facia brackets. Each component comes with a socket & spigot for easy jointing just like the old cast iron gutters of old.

We recommend a liberal covering of Arbosil 1096 gutter sealant for bedding the joints as it provides a strong mechanical bond that will withstand the forces associated with thermal movement. An aluminium nut/bolt/washer is then fastened tightly to squeeze the sealant together and tighten the fitting.

The heads of the bolts are powder coated to match the gutter unlike the ones onthe aluminium gutters below which have been left in mill finish for illustration purposes.

Adjustable rise & fall brackets and side fix/top fix rafter brackets are also available for the half round system should the need arise.

Once fitted the standard half round aluminium system will look just like cast iron and with a powder coated finish the life expectancy should be well in excess of 30 years.

Green - Standard Half Round Gutter

Red - Standard Half Round Gutter

Just pick the RAL colour you require and the sky really is the limit so far as colour schemes go.

Regardless of the colours above most people will still opt for the standard black satin finish that you can see in the picture below.

Satin Finish - Standard Half Round Guttering

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