Cast Aluminium Hopper Heads

There are many types of aluminium hopper head available ranging from basic box section types to beautifully crafted ornamental hoppers that would look good on the grandest house.

Embellished HopperWhether you opt for round, square or rectangular pipe you will probably at some point require some for of hopper head or rainwater collector. Typically, these will normally be fitted in a practical sense to collect rainwater from balcony/flat roof outlets and external waste pipes.

Increasingly, people are starting to use hopper heads for decorative purposes only as you can see in the picture on the right. In this example there is no actual need for a hopper in fact the pipe just needs to continue down the wall; But what a difference it makes especially with this particular one due to the hand painted finish to the embellishment.

Bespoke Hopper Heads

We are able to produce bespoke aluminium box hoppers manufactured from 2.5mm aluminium so practically any size you want. For prices, please email your requirements to

Cast Aluminium Range of Hopper Heads

To experience the full range of hopper heads available please click on any of the following aluminium hoppers.

Aluminium Hopper Heads