Pressed Aluminium Box Gutters

The gutter that gets you out of tricky situations!”

Pressed Aluminium Box Gutter - Legion StraightThis type of gutter is truly bespoke and can be made to most shapes and dimensions to compensate for design irregularities and more commonly to simply provide a gutter trough that fits exactly into a particular place on a building.

Over the years we have produced a wide array of exceptional and unique gutter troughs thathave helped countless builders and architects achieve a finished article where the only option left open to them at the time was to lead line a timber frame.

Pressed Aluminium Box Gutter SectionObviously, there is no such thing as a standard box gutter. All are made to exacting sizes and produced from 3 metre wide sheets of 2.5mm aluminium. In view of this the maximum length of gutter is 3 metres and then you need a joint which we supply with each length of gutter. The joints are silicone jointed using Arbosil 1096 and bolted together using colour coded gutter bolts to match the gutter.

Pressed Aluminium Box GutterTo produce a ‘seamless box gutter’ you will need to employ the services of an on-site aluminium welder, however, we can produce factory made lengths of up to 8 metres by welding at our premises prior to collection. We say 8 metres because that is probably the longest that you would be able to transport! Gutters at this length are unfortunately impossible to put through a powder coating process so you will need to take them in the plain aluminium mill finish they were produced in.

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