Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Seamless Aluminium MachineA coil of Seamless Aluminium GutteringSeamless aluminium guttering is a roll formed product that is produced using roll forming gutter machinery brought to site in the back of a van. Pre-painted aluminium coils of up to 140 metres long are fed into the machine, which in turn produce continuous gutter lengths without joints.


The seamless aluminium gutter system comprises 2 differing sizes:

  1. 125mm x 90mm (5”) Domestic properties mainly
  2. 150mm x 120mm (6”) Mostly Commercial buildings, schools etc

Seamless Aluminium GutteringThere is only one profile available in the seamless gutter system which you can clearly see in our logo on the right. This profile is called ‘Moulded Ogee’. The brackets which are actually called hangers are spaced at 450mmm centres and are screwed directly through the back into the fascia board. These hanger brackets provide sufficient rigidity for the finished gutter so that it can easily take the weight of a laden ladder.

Naturally, the gutter is only seamless on the continuous length but there are special corner sections available for creating gutter angles like the one in this picture

Mustang Gutter CornerThe two sections of aluminium that meet the corner are ‘mitred’ with a special tool and a ‘two-part’ locking corner piece ‘sandwiches’ the aluminium with the help of some specially formulated silicone. The ‘two-part’ corner piece is then screwed together to create a leak proof corner.

Corner sections can also be produced using box mitres which are pre-formed corner sections that rivet directly onto a straight section of gutter. These are easier to fit as they do not require the gutter length to be mitred.

Aluminium Gutter Systems via their partner, Angel Plastics, are able to offer an installation or supply only service for this type of guttering system. Please email with your requirements with digital pictures so that a quote can be sent.

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